Hey you! If you're reading this, you're Star Fam. If you're Star Fam,  The Envy McKee Show (Friday Nights 7-10p WURD-FM), aka, Starfolk University ( Ayeee!) was created especially for you. It's your on-air safe space to have complex, spiritually literate conversations about the world as it is and the world WE actually want to live in. Conscious Communication is our twist. Plus, fun. Starfolk U is the first of its kind. AND.  By signing up for weekly StarsNotes, you'll not only receive our monthly #shiftprompt and weekly Starlabus before class with insights that help you get ready for class, (and get your whole life) you also get access to our WuWu Meta Study Hall and book club offerings, Starfolk U "starnalia" and first look access to any and every of the AMAZING things we up to--first. It's really cute, if you're into it.

Starfolk U, In WuWu WE Trust. ENROLL NOW! :) 




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